Anderson Brekken, Christy

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Farm-direct Marketing: Food Safety and Product Quality

This is the new, eighth publication in the Farm-direct Marketing set. Includes information on aspects of keeping your products fresh and safe, such as proper cooling, handling, and storage, chilling a ...

Farm-direct Marketing: Legal Guide to Farm-direct Marketing

This is the new, seventh publication in the "Farm-direct Marketing" series. Covers the risks and regulations associated with a farm-direct small business, including choosing and registering a limited ...

Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing, Part 4: Place of Business and Product Quality

The three big factors are location, convenience, and parking. Here are basic suggestions for picking your site. It also suggests storage, display, and product quality protection. Sanitation, inventory ...

Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing, Part 5: Personnel Management

This revision includes information on complying with labor laws, ways to find good employees, employee orientation and training, employee policies, and employee management. ...

Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing, Part 6: Financial Management

This revision looks at several aspects of a successful farm-direct enterprise, including benefits of good farm financial planning, explanation of important terms used in financial planning, keys to su ...