Pests, Plant Diseases, and Weeds

Pests and Plant Diseases

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Strawbreaker Foot Rot or Eyespot of Wheat

Strawbreaker foot rot, which is also called eyespot, is a common and serious disease of winter wheat throughout most of eastern Washington. This publication describes disease symptoms and causes, a ...


Structural and Turf Demossing Study Manual

A study guide for certification in structural and turf demossing. Covers basic principles of control for mosses, lichens, and algae. Used in pesticide training for Washington State Department of Agric ...

Structural Pest Inspector Manual

This manual is designed to improve the knowledge and skill of structural pest inspectors (SPIs) in Washington State. It provides instruction on how to conduct a structural pest inspection.


Survey SAYS: Great Grapes! An IPM Success Story

In October 2005, a ten-page questionnaire was mailed to grape growers throughout Washington State.

Survey to Assess Parasite and Fly Control Methods Utilized by Washington Beef Cattle Producers

Beef cattle producers in Washington State have become increasingly aware of the risks of inefficient and unsustainable management of internal and external cattle pests. These producers have sought ...


Sweet Cherry Rootstocks for the Pacific Northwest

This publication presents the current level of understanding of the major cherry rootstocks as they pertain to the Pacific Northwest. Cherry growers have many options when it comes to choosing rootstocks. The combination of new dwarfing rootstocks with high-density training systems leads to earlier production. But growers need to consider soil fertility, scion choice and training systems when choosing rootstocks. Here are some guidelines that can help.

Tobacco rattle virus in peonies: a reference guide for cut flower and rootstock producers

Tobacco rattle virus is one of the most important viruses of peonies (Paeonia spp.). Although little is known about its long-term impact on plant vigor, both cut flower and rootstock producers should ...

Transportation Day: Pesticide Storage: Clean it out! Rinse and Recycle Plastic Pesticide Containers

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Reviews basic pesticide storage guidelines and requirements for both initial licensing certification and recertification training.


Turf and Ornamental Weed Management Principles

Weed control on turf and in ornamental plantings. Covers weed science and herbicide basics, precautions for spray use, and fine points of application equipment. Used in pesticide training for Washingt ...