Miles, Carol

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Baby Corn

With a crisp texture and a subtle, slightly sweet corn flavor, this delicious veggie is surprisingly easy to cultivate — learn how here. ...


Growing edamame, a delicious and versatile vegetable, is also a joy with a little help from these experts. ...

Growing Wasabi in the Pacific Northwest

Wasabi has potential for high returns for small-acreage growers. This pub details proven growing methods and requirements for a successful Wasabi crop.

Growing Wheat in Western Washington

Wheat has been grown in western Washington since settlement began in the mid 1800's. Newly developed varieties resistant to stripe rust have now greatly increased the potential for successful wheat pr ...

Home Vegetable Gardening in Washington (Home Garden Series)

This full-color guide to growing vegetables in a Washington home garden setting covers growing conditions, how to plant seeds and transplants, ways to arrange vegetables, integrated pest management me ...

Injerto de Verduras Berenjenas y Tomates (Vegetable Grafting: Eggplants and Tomatoes)

El injertó en vegetales es una técnica secular utilizada en Asia para mejorar la producción de la planta, reducir la susceptibilidad a enfermedades, y aumentar el vigor de la planta. Esta hoja inform ...