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Baby-Leaf Salad Green Production Guide for Western Washington.

Lettuce is the top-grossing fresh market vegetable crop in the United States, with salad mixes featuring baby-leaf greens becoming increasingly popular among consumers who desire to eat healthy, conve ...

Establishing a Cider Apple Orchard for Mechanized Management

For ways to establish a fruiting wall and how to mechanically manage it, this publication delves into how to do this effectively.

Pulse on Health: Garden-based Pulse Nutrition and Biology, Grade 4 Curriculum

This curriculum is garden-based learning: utilize this pedagogy to promote critical thinking and to inspire students. Find out how here! ...

Important Considerations for the Use of Biodegradable Mulch in Crop Production

Biodegradable mulch (BDM) is a little-known, newer, and innovative alternative to polyethylene mulch. Find out more about this mulching system here. ...

Minor and Uncommon Fruits for Maritime Climate Gardens

Kiwi, fig, sea buckthorn—the list goes on for delicious, uncommon fruits that can be grown in western Washington. Dive into this pub to find out which types might work in your home garden. (Part of the Home Garden Series.)