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Vegetable Grafting: The Healing Chamber

High value vegetable crops are grafted to increase vigor, yield, tolerance to salinity and temperature extremes, and disease resistance. During the first week after grafting, the scion is unable to re ...

Vegetable Grafting: Watermelon

This fact sheet provides a summary of how to prepare watermelon seedlings for grafting, some general considerations for grafting, how to heal grafted plants, and how to transplant and maintain grafted plants.

Vegetables: Growing Dry Beans in Home Gardens (Home Gardening Series)

Dry beans are nutritious and easy to grow in Washington gardens, but understanding how they grow is key to success. This publication provides information on choosing dry bean varieties, and how to grow them.

2011 Cost Estimates of Producing Fresh Market Field-Grown Lettuce in Washington

For growers considering the raising of field-grown lettuce in Washington State, this publication outlines the costs of production. Using a hypothetical model farm, this publication and its related spr ...

2011 Cost Estimates of Producing Fresh Market Field-Grown Tomatoes in Washington

This Enterprise Budget (the first completed production cost study of field-grown tomatoes in Washington State) provides cost estimates for capital requirements and production costs. It also offers gro ...

2011 Cost Estimates of Producing Head Lettuce in High Tunnel in Washington

This publication serves as a general guide for producing head lettuce in high tunnels in western Washington as of 2011. This guide can be used by new and existing high-tunnel lettuce producers to help ...