Granatstein, David

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Trends in Washington State organic diversified vegetable production

Better understand the characteristics of certified organic producers in Washington through this insightful analysis and discussion, here. ...

2010 Cost Estimates of Establishing and Producing Organic Apples in Washington

The information in this publication serves as a general guide for projecting costs and returns of a certified organic apple enterprise in Washington State. To avoid drawing unwarranted conclusions ab ...

An Evaluation of Soil Improvement Practices Being Used on Irrigated Soils in the Columbia Basin

This publication outlines the results of a 2015 study conducted on the effects of three soil improvement practices used in the Columbia Basin: organic amendments, cover crops and green manures, and hi ...

Certified Organic Acreage and Sales in Washington State: 2007-2015

WSU CSANR has compiled state organic crop acreage statistics since 2004, using certifier data, to provide annual updates containing current, detailed information for use in farm and business planning, ...

Trends in Washington State Organic Agriculture 2004-2011

Organic agriculture expanded rapidly in Washington state from 2004-2009 due to growing consumer demand. The recession years slowed growth nationally and this was reflected in a decline in acreage in t ...

Trends and Economics of Washington State Organic Blueberry Production

Washington State is the leading producer of organic blueberries in the U.S. In this publication, prospective and current growers will find recent data on acreage, production, and value to help them a ...