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Food Products

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Making Garlic- and Herb-Infused Oils at Home

Describes safe and simple procedures for flavoring oils from spices in your own garden. (Reviewed by WSU specialist Lizann Powers-Hammond) ...

Marketing Alternatives for Fresh Produce

New marketing opportunities for Pacific Northwest vegetable and fruit growers are exciting and inventive. Increased public desire for nutritious and minimally processed food grown locally and susta ...


Marketing Washington Wines at the Wholesale Level

Online only.

This publication presents the results from a study of the needs of wholesalers and distributers of Washington wines. Presentation includes business profiles, pricing factors ...


Pack Food Safety in Your Lunch

Not only is packing a lunch quick and healthy, it is also cost-effective. Learn best practices for how to correctly pack a lunch to minimize food-borne illness. ...

Parasite Control in Youth Market Hog Projects

This short fact sheet was written for youth pork producers. It describes signs of swine parasitism, lists common swine internal parasites, includes generic names of approved swine dewormers and mentio ...

Peaches: Value-Added Food Products

Peaches are consumed as fresh fruit, as puree, mousse and smoothies, as topping for yogurt, ice cream, cereals, pancakes, or waffles, and as a filling for pies, tarts, cobblers, or strudels. They’re a ...

Pickling Fish and Other Aquatic Foods for Home Use-PDF

Preserving seafood with vinegar or citrus juices is one of the easiest food preservation methods known, but can yield a dangerous product if not properly prepared. Fish with high oil content (Chino ...


Pickling Vegetables

The 2015 edition has three new recipes and updated preservation information for improved product quality and safety.

Describes the equipment and ingredients needed for pickling, ...

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Podredumbre por Botrytis en la uva para producción comercial en Washington: Biología y manejo de la enfermedad (Botrytis Bunch Rot in Commercial Grape Production: Biology and Disease Management)

Detalla los síntomas de la podredumbre por Botrytis, recomendaciones de manejo y cómo hacer frente a la resistencia a fungicidas. Incluye imágenes a color de los estadios de la enfermedad. ...