Consumer Food Safety; Canning; Freezing

Consumer Food Safety

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Storing Food for Safety and Quality

Proper food storage ensures that the food you bring home remains safe to eat and retains its high quality. This 24-page PNW teaches you all the basics about home storage of food, including pantry staples, meat, vegetables, fruit, leftovers, home-preserved food and food stored for emergencies. Detailed tables conveniently compile a list of storage times and optimal storage conditions for a wide variety of food. Guided by the tips and information provided, you’ll be able to update your pantry more safely and have a better shot at keeping it that way.

Home Freezing of Seafood

Your family can enjoy seafood from the freezer that tastes almost as fresh and delicately flavored as the day it was caught, if you follow a few rules during preparation and storage. This publication outlines the best ways to prepare, freeze, store, and thaw seafood.