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Producer Guide to Biosolids Quality

Biosolids are the material produced from anaerobic digestion of sewage at city wastewater treatment plants. Biosolids may be spread over land for plant fertilization and soil conditioning. This publi ...

Recovering Nutrients from Manure - New Tools for Maintaining Air and Water Quality

View this video here!

This video provides an easy-to-access initial view of nutrient recovery technologies, and is part of the Anaerobic Digesti ...


Approaches to Nutrient Recovery from Dairy Manure (Anaerobic Digestion Systems Series)

This Extension manual supports the dairy industry and its partners through exploration of nutrient recovery from manure after anaerobic digestion.

Nutrient Recovery: Products from Dairy Manure to Improve Soil Fertility

Manure can be a valuable source of nitrogen and phosphorous: learn to recover these nutrients and others through better dairy manure management here. ...

Digested Fiber Solids: Methods for Adding Value (Anaerobic Digestion Series)

Add value to your anaerobic digestion system by focusing on the digested fibrous solids. Separating fiber from effluent can be the first step to creating numerous value-added products. This publicatio ...