Suomi, Daniel A.

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Anobiid Beetles in Structures

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The anobiid beetles can cause a lot of structural damage to wooden buildings before being discovered because they are usually out of sight. Hemicoelus gibbicollis (Le ...


Apple-And-Thorn Skeletonizer

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Following mild winters, the apple-and-thorn skeletonizer, Eutromula pariana, can be a serious pest in home orchards. It affects all fruit growing areas of Washington state. ...


Scale Insects on Ornamentals

Scale insects attack ornamental trees, shrubs, garden plants, houseplants, and nursery stock. Descriptions and full color enlargements of damage and insects on host plants.

Structural Pest Inspector Manual

This manual is designed to improve the knowledge and skill of structural pest inspectors (SPIs) in Washington State. It provides instruction on how to conduct a structural pest inspection and write ...


Spotted Tentiform Leafminer

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The spotted tentiform leafminer (Phyllonorycter elmaella) or STLM, is an active apple orchard pest in the Pacific Northwest. Life cycles, damage, and control are cove ...


Pest Management Study Manual for Pest Control Operators

This manual is intended to help beginning pest control operators prepare for Washington State pesticide licensing exams. Basic concepts of pest management, identification, biology, and behavior of ...