Stevens, Robert

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Managing Irrigation Water Quality for Crop Production in the Pacific Northwest

Water management can be a practical and financial challenge in any situation. This publication focuses on analyses used for typical agricultural irrigation water sources. The impact of irrigation ...


Acidifying Soil for Crop Production: Inland Pacific Northwest

Soil acidification is used to reduce soil pH to improve crop performance and increase economic returns. Soil acidification is a long-term and expensive process, and should be considered on a site-s ...


Nutrient Management Guide for Dryland and Irrigated Alfalfa in the Inland Northwest

This full-color illustrated guide for optimizing alfalfa production according to the growing conditions common throughout Idaho and east of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington provides specific reco ...

Managing Salt-Affected Soils for Crop Production

Salt accumulation in soil can reduce crop yields and affect soil structure. Learn how to evaluate the salts present in soils and to select appropriate management practices to maintain soil health and crop productivity.