Lyon, Steven R.

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Xerpha Soft White Winter Wheat

Xerpha is a new, soft white winter wheat released by the Agricultural Research Center at Washington State University in 2008. Named for a pioneering WSU alumna and weed scientist (Xerpha Mae Gaines), ...

Russian Thistle: Management in a Wheat-Fallow Crop Rotation

Reviews Russian thistle biology as it relates to management, including seed dormancy and longevity in soil, seed distribution, seed germination and emergence, plant growth after establishment, crop competition, and resistance to herbicides. Outlines key considerations for managing for 3 crop years and 1 fallow year. Describes results from a residue management experiment designed to determine how to reduce tillage while maintaining winter wheat production.

Growing Barley in Western Washington

Versatile and low-input, barley can be used for food, malt, or animal feed: find out here if barley could work as a rotational crop on your farm.