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Jointed Goatgrass Genetics

Jointed goatgrass and wheat have a close genetic relationship and share many traits. Understanding the genetic relationship between wheat and jointed goatgrass will help with the development of management strategies. Current herbicide-resistant wheat technology will provide producers with a tool to control jointed goatgrass in the crop.

Integrated Management of Jointed Goatgrass in the Pacific Northwest

Jointed goatgrass is a major problem in most winter wheat-growing areas west of the Mississippi River. This publication discusses best management practices for the prevention and control of jointed goatgrass.

Italian Ryegrass Management in Inland Pacific Northwest Dryland Cropping Systems

Widespread herbicide resistance in Italian ryegrass makes integrated weed management strategies difficult for this problematic weed. Learn about the multiple control methods that can be combined in various ways for wheat-based cropping systems for better long-term control.