Lyon, Drew

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How Soil pH affects the Activity and Persistence of Herbicides (Soil Acidification Series)

This publication discusses how decreasing soil pH contributes to increased instances of herbicide persistence and categorizes commonly used herbicides as either a weak acid, weak base, cationic, noni ...

Rattail Fescue: Biology and Management in Pacific Northwest Wheat Cropping Systems

Mitigating rattail fescue has become easier: this publication addresses this increasingly common weed in Pacific Northwest cropping systems.

A Mayweed Chamomile Growing Degree Day Model for the Inland Pacific Northwest

Providing an accurate prediction tool (Growing Degree Day Model) for mayweed chamomile to more effectively manage this increasing problem in the iPNW.

Jointed Goatgrass Best Management Practices (BMP) Central Great Plains

Jointed goatgrass is a weed that competes with wheat, resulting in reduced yield and increased grain dockage. Managing jointed goatgrass in winter wheat requires a systems approach.

Best Management Practices For Managing Herbicide Resistance

Learn to manage herbicide-resistant weeds on your farm using the most effective methods, also known as best management practices (BMPs).

Jointed Goatgrass Ecology

In this Extension bulletin, we describe the ecology of jointed goatgrass at various stages of its life cycle, and then relate these characteristics to the effectiveness of cultural practices used for managing jointed goatgrass.