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Bacterial Ring Rot on Potatoes

This fact sheet outlines the disease cycle of ring rot, and approaches for sanitation and control by commercial potato growers and seed potato growers alike. ...

Bacterial Soft Rot and Lenticel Spot on Potato Tubers

Bacterial lenticel spot is one manifestation of bacterial soft rot on potato which is initiated at tuber lenticels. Soft rot is a wet, mushy rot of plant tissues that progresses rapidly, especially wh ...

Field Flooding for Controlling Soilborne Plant Pathogens in Western Washington

The Nature Conservancy of Washington’s Farming for Wildlife project, in cooperation with WSU, has been testing a novel concept of creating habitat for shorebirds on potato fields by employing field fl ...

Proactive Approaches for Controlling Recombinant Strains of Potato virus Y in Western Washington

Recombinant strains of Potato virus Y (PVY) were detected in western Washington in 2012 and 2013: learn proactive measures that can be taken. ...

Production of Brassica Seed Crops in Washington State: A Case Study on the Complexities of Coexistence

The purpose of this publication is to inform Brassica growers, industry members, university researchers, extension specialists, and extension educators about crucial aspects of the Brassica seed indus ...

Silver Scurf Begins Belowground on Potatoes in Western Washington

Photographic evidence included in this publication shows that silver scurf indeed begins belowground. Find out more about the life cycle of H. solani.