Hoheisel, Gwen-Alyn

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Grapevine Management Under Drought Conditions

Under drought conditions, vineyards are impacted by a variety of environmental factors that growers may or may not be able to control. This publication discusses the many water-related factors that af ...

Cost of Establishing and Producing Sweet Cherries in Central Washington in 2007

Sweet cherries are one of Washington State's major agricultural commodities. The information in this publication serves as a general guide for establishing and producing sweet cherries in central W ...


Unmanned Aerial Systems in Agriculture: Part 3 (Mid-Sized UAS)

Discover more potential from mid-sized Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in agriculture and what they can do for your crop production. ...

Vine to Wine (Replaces DVD007)

The goal of this video series is to educate potential and new growers and winemakers in the essentials of economically viable, environmentally sustainable, high-quality grape and wine production practices.

Assessing and Managing Cold Damage in Washington Vineyards

Step-by-step guide on how to determine if your grapevines have been damaged by cold temperatures, as well as ways to avoid the problem. ...

Vineyard Nutrient Management in Washington State (Replaces PNW622 Publication)

Understanding the nutrient requirements of perennial fruit crops is paramount to the longevity and sustainability of a commercial operation. This guide provides basic information on grape plant nutrit ...