Economics and Policy

Economics and Policy

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Financial Analysis Principles and Applications for Private Forest Lands

Determining the value of timbered property and the various ways to manage it can be complicated, but this manual provides plenty of examples, explanations, and tools to make the process understandable.

Washington State Forest Land and Timber Taxes

This module covers current use taxation programs that can reduce property taxes for forest landowners. Access to the modules is free, but registration is required. See below for registration information.

Modeling Environmental Change: Scenarios in the Washington Water Supply and Demand Forecast

Understanding future water resource conditions for Washington State is critically important: learn what scenarios are and how to apply them here.

Using NEAR Sciences to Address Community Health: A Primer

Kitsap Strong is a network that utilizes the NEAR sciences and trauma-informed care: learn what they are doing and how it might apply to your community.

Growing Hybrid Poplar for Bioenergy in the PNW

This 116 page manual is intended for growers interested in the production of hybrid poplar on short coppice rotations as feedstock for biorefineries.