DeVetter, Lisa

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Strawberry Nutrient Management Guide for Oregon and Washington

Strawberry growers in Oregon and Washington raise fruit for both the processed and fresh markets, using both conventional and certified organic systems. This guide explains nutrient management for Jun ...

Using Biodegradable Plastics as Agricultural Mulches

Polyethylene mulch is environmentally harmful and expensive to dispose of: discover biodegradable plastic mulch as a viable alternative. ...

Harvesting Blueberries: A Guide to Machine Pick Blueberries for Fresh Market

You can maximize blueberry fruit quality and the harvesting efficiency of your machine pickers by following the best practices outlined in this pub.

Minor and Uncommon Fruits for Maritime Climate Gardens

Kiwi, fig, sea buckthorn—the list goes on for delicious, uncommon fruits that can be grown in western Washington. Dive into this pub to find out which types might work in your home garden. (Part of the Home Garden Series.)