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Blackleaf in Grapes

Recent research shows that blackleaf in grapes is due to a combination of water stress and high UV-B radiation. Learn how to identify and control this disease in Concord and winegrapes by addressin ...


Managing Irrigation Water on Different Soils in the Same Field

Some growers manage soils with very different textures (sand to silt to clay) and/or different depths (shallow to deep), all within the same field. These types of highly variable soils make irrigatio ...

Considerations and Resources for Vineyard Establishment in the Inland Pacific Northwest

Vineyard establishment requires careful planning and implementation. This guide is designed to help you through the initial questions and considerations before establishing a new vineyard. Early decis ...

Vineyard Nutrient Management in Washington State (Replaces PNW622 Publication)

Understanding the nutrient requirements of perennial fruit crops is paramount to the longevity and sustainability of a commercial operation. This guide provides basic information on grape plant nutrit ...

Washington State Juice Grape Sustainability Report Card

The Washington State Juice Grape Sustainability Report Card is designed to help you identify areas in which your vineyard operation excels and where there is room for improvement.

Please note ...


Soil Health in Washington Vineyards

Tracking soil health over time is an integral component of good vineyard management. Learn how to get started building and sustaining soil health in your operation.