Collins, Doug

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Soil Fertility in Organic Systems: A Guide for Gardeners and Small Acreage Farmers

This publication discusses the many types of fertilizers and soil amendments available for organic plant production. Fertilizer formulations, nutrient availability, and application practices for commo ...

Soil Testing: A Guide for Farms with Diverse Vegetable Crops

Soil analysis can guide farmers and gardeners in making soil amendment and soil management decisions. Making soil sampling an annual event will allow for tracking management practices and influencing ...

Understanding and Measuring Organic Matter in Soil

Understanding organic matter’s role in soil can be critical to any agricultural operation: learn the emerging methods of measurement in this publication.

Perspectives from Stakeholders on the Food-Energy-Water Nexus in Metropolitan Seattle

Food, energy, and water: we use them and need them. This publication provides a snapshot of perspectives from stakeholders across the Pacific Northwest.

Learning Agroecology on the Land: Holding a Farm Walk

Drawing on experience and data from more than 15 years and over 150 Farm Walks, this publication offers guidance on how to hold a successful Farm Walk event.