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Parasite Control in Youth Market Hog Projects

This short fact sheet was written for youth pork producers. It describes signs of swine parasitism, lists common swine internal parasites, includes generic names of approved swine dewormers and mentio ...

Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest

The comprehensive resource for anyone who manages livestock on pastures in the Northwest, this 208-page book offers pasture managers information and tools to enable their pastures and their livestock to reach their maximum production potentials. Seventeen chapters proceed from planning to budgeting. Black and white with color plates.

Physical management of pest birds in agricultural settings

Learn how to mitigate pest birds on farms using innovative deterrence strategies: increase earnings and decrease the health risk posed to producers and consumers. ...

Pollination and Pollinator Protection (Home Garden Series)

Pollination is a critical process that most plants need to set seeds and produce fruit. Understanding pollination ecology is important for both commercial growers and home gardeners; however, this pu ...

Practical Biosecurity Recommendations for Farm Tour Hosts

This publication was written for livestock producers who would like to open their farms to the public for tours or educational workshops, yet reduce disease risks potentially associated with such visi ...

Pre-weaned Calves: How Much Starter Grain Should a Dairy Calf be Eating?

Find out how starter grain amounts for pre-weaned calves affect growth: a comparison of three farms. ...

Price Indices for Estimating Cattle Prices in the Pacific Northwest

Describes trends in cattle prices that producers can use to estimate monthly sales for budget planning.

Produced by the University of Idaho. Reviewed by WSU specialist Tipton Hudson. ...


Prussic Acid Poisoning in Livestock

This publication provides information on prussic acid poisoning (also known as cyanide poisoning), a metabolic condition in livestock that producers in the Pacific Northwest may not see very often, bu ...

Quality Assurance and Animal Care Youth Education Program

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This video was designed to educate young people in animal care and quality assurance. ...