Wildlife and Fisheries

Wildlife and Fisheries

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West Nile Virus Prevention: Horses (Home Garden Series)

West Nile Virus is a mosquito-borne disease that can infect horses, resulting in illness, long term problems, and even death. This publication presents a number of preventive measures that horse owner ...

Wildlife Ecology and Forest Habitat

Discusses how to manage habitat for deer, elk, bear, birds, cougar, lynx, bobcat, wolf, coyote, fox, and small mammals. Tells what types of food, water supply, and shelter each type of animal needs, a ...

Attracting Native Raptors to Dairies for Management of Pest Birds

Pest birds transmit diseases, spoil cow feed, and decrease cattle well-being (among other things). Learn how you can attract native raptors to deter these pest birds.

Threatened and endangered wildlife species in Washington forests - Forest Stewardship University

In this module, Washington State University Extension Forestry professor Kevin Zobrist provides a brief overview of some of the threatened and endangered wildlife species in Washington forests and some associated forest practices regulations. This module will help landowners preparing forest stewardship plans understand what might need to be addressed in the threatened and endangered species section of the plan. Access to the modules is free, but registration is required. See below for registration information.

Use of Probiotics in Pacific Oyster and Manila Clam Aquaculture

Adding beneficial microorganisms to shellfish water as supplemental feed has been proven to confer numerous health benefits and reduce disease-causing organisms. Learn about the ongoing research taking place in Oregon and Washington and how probiotics may benefit your hatchery.