Wildlife and Fisheries

Wildlife and Fisheries

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Scientific Literacy for the Citizen Scientist

Knowledge of the scientific method leads to scientifically literate citizens who can read science articles and evaluate the quality of the information presented; it allows a person to distinguish sci ...

Tips for Marketing Quality Salmon Harvests Direct to the Customer

Selling direct to the customer can be rewarding for a commercial salmon fisherman, with higher returns per pound and good relationships with appreciative customers. To be successful, suppliers must pr ...

West Nile Virus Prevention: Horses (Home Garden Series)

West Nile Virus is a mosquito-borne disease that can infect horses, resulting in illness, long term problems, and even death. This publication presents a number of preventive measures that horse owner ...

Wildlife Ecology and Forest Habitat

Discusses how to manage habitat for deer, elk, bear, birds, cougar, lynx, bobcat, wolf, coyote, fox, and small mammals. Tells what types of food, water supply, and shelter each type of animal needs, a ...

Attracting Native Raptors to Dairies for Management of Pest Birds

Pest birds transmit diseases, spoil cow feed, and decrease cattle well-being (among other things). Learn how you can attract native raptors to deter these pest birds.