Tozer, Peter

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An Economic Analysis of Three Soil Improvement Practices in the Columbia Basin, Washington State

Compost, cover crops, or no-till/min-till? Get a cost and benefits comparison of all three in this publication. ...

2015 Costs Estimates of Producing Fresh and Processing Potatoes in Washington

If you’re thinking of producing potatoes in Washington State, this publication can be a very valuable resource. Designed to provide information on the variable and fixed costs of potato production for ...

2015 Estimated Cost of Establishing and Producing Hops in the Pacific Northwest

If you’re thinking of producing hops in the Pacific Northwest or expanding your existing operation, this publication can be a very valuable resource. Designed to enable growers to estimate costs of eq ...

Assessing the Impact of a Labor Shortage on Post-Harvest Activities and Markets

Labor is an important part of horticultural commodities and products. Labor shortages can affect many aspects of industry, including production, distribution, and even pricing. While labor shortages a ...

Important Considerations for the Use of Biodegradable Mulch in Crop Production

Biodegradable mulch (BDM) is a little-known, newer, and innovative alternative to polyethylene mulch. Find out more about this mulching system here. ...