Taylor, Mykel

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2009 Cost Estimates of Establishing and Producing Gala Apples in Washington

This fact sheet identifies the typical practices and corresponding costs of a modern, well-managed Gala apple orchard. Tables include costs per acre such as pruning, chemical application, harvest, an ...

2010 Cost Estimates of Establishing and Producing Organic Apples in Washington

The information in this publication serves as a general guide for projecting costs and returns of a certified organic apple enterprise in Washington State. To avoid drawing unwarranted conclusions ab ...

Market Vegetable Gardens: Planning for Success

This publication presents an overview of what is involved with producing vegetables for profit, including field considerations such as soil fertility and greenhouse requirements, and financial aspect ...

Agritourism in Washington State: An Industry Profile

This report evaluates the motivations, impacts, and challenges faced by the farms in Washington as they relate to agritourism. We characterize agritourism entrepreneurship activities in 26 different ...