Tao, Haiying

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Advances in Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest (PNW) (REACCh Handbook)

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Nitrogen Inhibitors: How Do They Work to Reduce N Losses?

Wheat and barley growers can benefit from nitrogen inhibitors: How do they reduce losses? How to choose which products? That answered, and more, here.

A Wheat Straw Pulping Co-Product Mixed With Lime May Address Soil Acidification in No-till Fields

Mixing black liquor and lime materials may be a viable solution to soil acidification: learn more about this unique strategy here.

End-of-Season Corn Stalk Nitrate-Nitrogen Test for Post-Harvest Evaluation - A Case Study

This case study illustrates how to use the CSNT as a post-harvest tool to evaluate N availability and discuss how CSNT results can be used to fine-tune N management in future growing seasons.