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Bad Science
Biosolids captured from household waste streams has never been tested for chemicals and drugs that people wash into the sewer system daily. Saying that it has been tested for pathogens is a red herring. That is the least concern that people should have when putting this material on land used for agricultural purposes, including lawns and other horticulture where they may come into contact with people or animals. Even worse, no consideration has been given to the affect of putting hormones and all kinds of other chemicals in the environment where animals of all kinds may come into contact with this pollution. Start capturing waste like this from a source that doesn't have access to the world's largest chemical supply and rewrite the article. This "research" was paid for by external issue advocates that got the finding they paid for. WSU is corrupt to have accepted the money or agreed to do this half assed BS.
Thomas | 29/01/2021 12:38 p. m.
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Concise explanation
This report contains a concise summary of what constitutes a Class A biosolid and it’s use as a soil amendment.
Alan | 27/09/2021 12:34 p. m.
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