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Consulting Foresters not well-defined
On page 11 ("Consulting Foresters and Silvicultural Contractors") a Consulting Forester is not well-defined. In my opinion, there is a big difference to landowners between a certified SAF forester and a forester that belongs to the Association of Consulting Foresters (ACF).
An SAF certified forester can work for a sawmill, purchase logs, or conduct other business that may be a conflict of interest as his loyalty is to his employer, not the landowner.
An ACF certified forester can only work for an individual landowner or landowner group. His expenses are paid by the landowner and he works directly for the landowner.
Many landowners, and the public for that matter, do not understand this important difference.
Contact for SAF certified foresters: "Certification & Education"
Contact for ACF certified foresters:

Another comment: There are some certified ACF foresters that offer invasive weed control services. That should be added to the "Invasive Weed Control" paragraph.

Dennis Parent
Dennis | 30/01/2023 07:44 p. m.
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