Pests, Plant Diseases, and Weeds

Pests and Plant Diseases

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Western Washington Field Guide to Common Small Fruit Root Weevils

A field guide to use in identifying fruit root weevils in three different groups. Life Cycle & Monitoring along with weevil ID. ...


White Mold of Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichokes, or sunchokes, are gaining popularity among consumers and therefore being grown more widely. Both commercial growers and home gardeners should be aware of a major disease of Jerus ...

White Pine Weevil

Online Only

Photographs and descriptions identify the white pine weevil, (Pissodes strobi), which is also known as the Sitka spruce weevil. Found throughout the western states, t ...


Wholesale Buyers Guide to Washington Grapevine Quarantines

This publication is designed to educate wholesale buyers (for retail nursery outlets) on the quarantine rules in Washington regarding the import and distribution of grapevine material. ...

Wireworm Biology and Nonchemical Management in Potatoes in the Pacific Northwest

This publication reviews the wireworm literature and provides information on wireworm identification, biology, crop damage, monitoring, risk assessment, and nonchemical control options that can be int ...

Wireworm Scouting 101: Shovel Method and Modified Wireworm Solar Bait Trap

Wireworms (Lumonius spp) can damage cereal grain crops, resulting in increased weed pressure and reduced stands, yields, and profits. Since crop damage is not detected until after planting, wireworm s ...

WSU Pesticide Study Materials Order Form

Current titles and prices of study materials to prepare for Washington State Department of Agriculture pesticide licensing examinations.

Pseudomonas diseases on cucurbits in western Washington

Cucurbits are high-value, specialty crops well-suited to western Washington—but under threat from Pseudomonas. Learn the symptoms and the management here.

Harvest Weed Seed Control: Applications for PNW (Pacific Northwest) Wheat Production Systems

This publication discusses the various HWSC systems and their potential suitability for PNW wheat production systems across rainfall regions.

AUTHORS: Drew Lyon, Michael Walsh, Judit Barroso, Joan Campbell