Pests, Plant Diseases, and Weeds

Pests and Plant Diseases

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Seed Treatment: A Study Guide for Seed Treaters

Authors explain reasons for treating seeds and describe appropriate uses against pathogens and soil insects (the major seed pests). Topics include seed pest management: cultural, physical, biological, ...

Silver Scurf Begins Belowground on Potatoes in Western Washington

Photographic evidence included in this publication shows that silver scurf indeed begins belowground. Find out more about the life cycle of H. solani.

Silver Scurf Management in Potatoes

Describes the symptoms and damage caused by silver scurf, a fungal disease of potatoes. Includes color photos of symptoms. Discusses sources of inoculum and the disease life cycle. Suggests managemen ...

Sistemas de conducción de cerezos

Esta publicación describe los ocho sistemas de poda de mayor importancia en los huertos de cerezos comerciales en Oregon, Idaho, Washington y Michigan. A nivel mundial, los productores de cerezas ...


Small Fruits and Berries: Insect and Disease Control for Home Gardens

Online Only Treatments for home garden blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, caneberry, grape, currant, and gooseberry crops, by growing stage or portion of season. ...


Snailcase Bagworm

These pests can attach to house siding or autos so tightly that they damage the paint when removed. They can devastate many types of plants. Hard to detect, small, and often resembling a small dirt cl ...

Soil Fumigation Manual: A National Pesticide Applicator Certification Study Manual

A study manual for individuals who supervise or apply restricted use soil fumigants. Used in pesticide training for Washington State Department of Agriculture Soil Fumigation licensing exam. The manua ...

Spruce Aphid

The spruce aphid, Elatobium abietinum, is destructive of the spruce forests, especially Sitka. Aphid numbers are greatest in February and March, before their damage is discovered. Where damage ...

Stored Grain Pest Control

A study manual for certification in stored grain pest control. Covers basic information on pest identification and biologies, and management strategies for controlling pests that have a potential for ...