Pan, W. L.

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Managing and Maintaining Vegetative Filter Strips on Rill-Irrigated Row Fields

On rill-irrigated row fields, vegetative filter strips can be effective as a best management practice for improving water quality, but managing and maintaining them is critical. Under poor management, ...

Vegetative Filter Strip Use as a Rill-Irrigated Best Management Practice

Water quality is an important aspect of irrigation, but it can be difficult to achieve. On rill-irrigated row crops, vegetative filter strips can be effective as a best management practice for improvi ...

Vegetative Filter Strips as a Best Management Practice on Rill-Irrigated Row Fields

Vegetative filter strips (VFSs) are areas of land that have been planted with vegetation in order to intercept and slow down runoff water, capture eroded soil, and increase surface water infiltration. ...

Nitrogen Management for Hard Wheat Protein Enhancement

This publication highlights research on wheat protein enhancement conducted in the Pacific Northwest, and the wheat and nitrogen management issues related to grain protein enhancement.

Forage Productivity of Vegetative Filter Strips Established on Rill Irrigated Row Fields

Vegetative filter strips are planted strips of land that typically have grasses to act as a filter to catch and filter pollutants out of runoff water. Use of vegetative filter strips are considered a ...

A Wheat Straw Pulping Co-Product Mixed With Lime May Address Soil Acidification in No-till Fields

Mixing black liquor and lime materials may be a viable solution to soil acidification: learn more about this unique strategy here.