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Chronic Conditions and Hospitalizations: Findings from a Rural Hospital

One way to increase cost-efficiency and appropriate care is to reduce the amount of recurrent hospitalizations. Find out more about this analysis here. ...

How Economic Crisis Affects Medical Expenditures

Is it possible to connect job insecurity to depression? According to a recent study, the answer is yes. The purpose of this document is to identify a connection between depression induced by concerns ...

Provisions of the Affordable Care Act and Washington’s Health Insurance Exchange

The federal Affordable Healthcare Act is massive and complex. For Washington residents and employers who are looking for information or just want to get health insurance, this publication gives a very ...

Reactions to the Employer Mandate in Washington State's Labor-Intensive Agriculture Industry

The Affordable Care Act has begun to change how we access health care and insurance in the US. One of these changes is the “employer mandate,” which went into effect in 2016. The employer mandate requ ...

Trends in Health Insurance and Health Care Access in Rural Washington

Since its implementation, the Affordable Care Act has increased health insurance coverage across the US. This publication presents the results from a survey of five rural counties in central Washingto ...