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Washington Steer of Merit

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The Washington Steer of Merit outlines the purpose of the program, requirements for steer and beef carcass of merit, changes in merit requirements, placement of carcasses, p ...


Dual-Purpose Winter Canola in the Pacific Northwest: Forage Management (Oilseed Series)

As the name suggests, dual-purpose winter canola serves two purposes: fall forage or silage and grain harvest. Canola forage could be advantageous in the inland PNW where late summer and fall pasture ...

Valuing Canola and Camelina Meal as a Biodiesel Byproduct

Biodiesel production from oil seed crops such as canola and camelina yield a byproduct that can be used as a livestock feed supplement. There are concerns and limitations on each however, based on fac ...

Blister Beetles: Pest or Beneficial Predator

This fact sheet assists producers in recognizing blister beetles and understanding their importance as beneficial predators, as well as their potential to be toxic to livestock. Management strategies ...