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Scientific Irrigation Scheduling

Scientific irrigation scheduling is a tool growers can use to improve irrigation water management. When used properly, it indicates when to irrigate, how much water to apply, and how to apply wat ...

WSU Drought Advisory: Alfalfa Irrigation with Reduced Water Supplies

Alfalfa grown for forage in the arid Northwest requires 1.8-acre feet to 3.2-acre feet of water per year, depending on length of the growing season. This drought advisory recommends steps to take in l ...

WSU Drought Advisory: Asparagus Irrigation in a Water-Short Year

The primary water absorption root zone for asparagus is down three to four feet in irrigated fields. Fill root zone early when water is short. Weed control becomes especially important in a drought ye ...

WSU Drought Advisory: Irrigation System Evaluation

This drought advisory bulletin lists methods of evaluating how much water a sprinkler system can deliver in a given amount of time, to help farmers schedule irrigation scientifically for maximum use o ...

WSU Drought Advisory: Mint Irrigation Management

This drought advisory bulletin discusses the water requirements of mint. Since mint needs water all summer and has a shallow root system and low salt tolerance, growers have to focus on getting maximu ...

WSU Drought Advisory: Set-Move and Permanent Sprinkle Irrigation Systems

This drought advisory bulletin discusses evaluation of set-move and permanent sprinkle irrigation systems for efficiency and water conservation. Includes uniformity, pressure, nozzle inventory and wea ...