Kugler, John

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White Campion or White Cockle

White campion, also known as white cockle, contaminates hay fields, roadsides, ditches, and fencerows because of its high rate of seed production and tolerance to many herbicides. This publication pro ...

2006 Cost of Producing Alfalfa Seed in the Columbia Basin of Washington State

The general objective of this study was to develop enterprise budgets for alfalfa seed production within the Columbia Basin. ...

2009 Cost of Producing Alfalfa Hay Under Center Pivot Irrigation in the Columbia Basin of Washington State

The enterprise budgets presented in this publication are based on alfalfa produced in the Big Bend of the Columbia River in south central Washington. Cost estimates are provided for both 1-ton and 2-t ...

Organic Alfalfa Management Guide

Looking to switch to organic alfalfa production? This management guide details the considerations and procedures for doing so. Organic alfalfa producers must follow rules established by USDA Nation ...