Kreider, Patti

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Vegetable Grafting: Eggplants and Tomatoes

Vegetable grafting is a centuries-old technique that originated in Asia to improve plant production, reduce disease susceptibility, and increase plant vigor. This fact sheet provides brief descriptions of how to prepare plant material for grafting, some general considerations for grafting, the most common techniques used to graft eggplant and tomato, healing grafted plants, and transplanting and maintaining grafted plants in the field.

Vegetable Grafting: The Healing Chamber

High value vegetable crops are grafted to increase vigor, yield, tolerance to salinity and temperature extremes, and disease resistance. During the first week after grafting, the scion is unable to re ...

Vegetable Grafting: Watermelon

This fact sheet provides a summary of how to prepare watermelon seedlings for grafting, some general considerations for grafting, how to heal grafted plants, and how to transplant and maintain grafted plants.