Keller, Markus

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Chip Bud Grafting in Washington State Vineyards

The process of chip bud grafting is described for vineyard growers interested in changing grape varieties. Background, benefits, requirements, and color photos demonstrating the various steps are p ...


Evaluación y manejo del daño por frío en los viñedos ( Assessing and Managing Cold Damage in Washington Vineyards de Washington)

Guía donde se explica paso a paso el cómo determinar si sus vides han sido dañadas por el frío, así como alternativas para evitar el problema. ...

On-Farm Vineyard Trials: A Grower’s Guide

On-farm research offers many opportunities to understand the effectiveness of various management practices and products. However, how these trials are designed can alter the observed results. This gui ...

Assessing and Managing Cold Damage in Washington Vineyards

Step-by-step guide on how to determine if your grapevines have been damaged by cold temperatures, as well as ways to avoid the problem. ...