Hanley, Donald

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Simple Homemade Forestry Tools for Resource Inventories

Some forest landowners may hesitate to invest in expensive commercial quality forestry tools. This publication provides them with some low cost alternatives, although these tools cannot compete with ...

Terminology for Forest Landowners

This publication is a glossary of timber terms, many with original illustrations, from ...


Trees Against the Wind

Protecting homes, crops, and animals from the wind and weather can be challenging for anyone involved in agriculture. The effects of using properly designed windbreaks are outlined in this revised cla ...

A Primer for Timber Harvesting

Timber sales are complicated. The choices a forest landowner makes will influence financial return, future site productivity, soil erosion, and other factors. Here is a basic book for those who want t ...

Introduction to Forestry in Eastern Washington- online module

This is a two-part module that includes "Eastern Washington Forest Ecology" and "Forest Management and Silviculture Primer". Click the "buy now" button for more details. ...

Introduction to Forestry in Western Washington- Online module

This is a 2 part module that includes "Forest Stand Dynamics in Western Washington" and "Forest Management and Silviculture Primer". Click on the "buy now" button for more details. ...