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General Gardening

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West Nile Virus Prevention: Horses (Home Garden Series)

West Nile Virus is a mosquito-borne disease that can infect horses, resulting in illness, long term problems, and even death. This publication presents a number of preventive measures that horse owner ...

What is Tunneling in My Yard? (Home Garden Series)

This publication will help Washington homeowners identify common vertebrate pests that tunnel in lawn and garden areas throughout the state. Successful management depends on being able to distinguish ...

Why Backyard Fruit Trees are not for Everyone

Before planting an apple, pear, or cherry tree for its beauty and bounty, residents who live in Washington’s major fruit-producing areas should consider the downside of planting fruit trees in their b ...

Why Do Leaves Turn Red? (Home Garden Series)

Spectacular autumnal displays include the crimsons and yellows of changing leaves. But when does the red color associated with fall actually indicate a problem in the garden? Learn how to identify the unusual stressors that can also cause leaf reddening.

Winter in the Woods: A Winter Guide to Deciduous Native Plants in Western Washington

Want to add a new dimension to your cold winter walk in the woods? This easy-to-use guide can help you do just that. You don't have to be a botanist to learn to appreciate the diversity in our native landscape.

The Efficacy and Environmental Consequences of Kelp-Based Garden Products

Processed seaweeds and kelps are heavily marketed to home gardeners—but are they effective? And what are the environmental impacts? Find out here!

Propagating Plants from Seed

The enjoyment of growing plants can be enhanced by using successful methods. This booklet covers seed selection, starting plants indoors, planting seeds outdoors, and starting both herbaceous and woody plants.

Protecting Water Resources: Planting and Caring for Home Wetlands and Other Riparian Areas (Home Garden Series)

Create an aesthetically pleasing landscape while preserving sensitive riparian natural areas: how to choose, plant, and protect various plant species.

Gardening with Companion Plants (Home Garden Series)

Pseudoscientific claims abound in recent, popular literature regarding the benefits of companion planting, creating confusion for home gardeners. This publication encourages the use of scientifically sound companion planting practices, which improve plant health and productivity, decrease damage from insects and disease, and decrease the need for pesticides and fertilizers.