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2009 Cost Estimates of Establishing and Producing Gala Apples in Washington

This fact sheet identifies the typical practices and corresponding costs of a modern, well-managed Gala apple orchard. Tables include costs per acre such as pruning, chemical application, harvest, an ...

2010 Cost of Producing Native and Scotch Spearmint Under Rill and Center Pivot Irrigation in Washington

This manuscript provides up-to-date information on the production cost of spearmint, which is used by a variety of people as benchmark of industry production costs, and to determine the feasibility o ...

2011 Cost of Producing Peppermint Under Rill and Center Pivot Irrigation in Central Washington

This publication provides up-to-date information about peppermint production in Washington State. There is value to this study since the last enterprise budget undertaken for peppermint was in 2001.


2012 Cost Estimates of Establishing, Producing, and Packing Red Delicious Apples in Washington

This publication serves as a general budgetary outline for establishing and producing Red Delicious apples in Washington. Budget items include estimates of such orchard operation costs as capital, lab ...

2011 Cost Estimates of Establishing and Producing Honeycrisp Apples in Washington

This publication is designed to enable growers to estimate (1) the costs of equipment, materials, supplies, and labor required to establish and to produce a modern Honeycrisp orchard; and (2) the rang ...

2013 Cost Estimation of Establishing a Cider Apple Orchard in Western Washington

The study results presented in this WSU fact sheet can serve as a general guide for evaluating the feasibility of establishing and producing cider apples in western Washington as of 2013. This fact sh ...