Fredricks, Gary R.

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Goat Project: 4-H Leader Guide

For the 4-H leader of a goat project. Topics include: purpose of the project, overview, leaders' responsibilities, parents' roles, resource people, developing the 4-H program, suggested project activi ...

Growing Tomatoes in Home Gardens (Home Garden Series)

Tomatoes are a favorite for gardeners everywhere, whether grown in a garden or container on the deck. Tomato fruit is a staple in the American diet and in many ethnic cuisines. Plus, tomatoes are n ...

Starting a CSA: An Overview of Considerations

As consumer demand for fresh, local fruits and vegetables grows, more Washington State farms are looking into the community-supported agriculture (CSA) model for increasing farm sales.

Overview of Irrigated Agriculture in Lewis County

Intended for producers, agencies, and stakeholders, this pub is part of a series exploring irrigation system efficiency across five counties. Learn more here!