Forestry and Range

Forestry and Range

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Conifer Pruning Basics for Family Forest Landowners

Conifer pruning is the practice of removing the lower branches from live green conifer trees with a primary objective of improving wood quality when the trees are later harvested. This publication dis ...

Davenport Living Snow Fence Demonstration: Fifteen-Year Survival and Growth Update

This pub provides the Davenport Living Snow Fence demonstration project’s 15-year survival and growth update, empirical data, impacts, and wildlife uses.

Developing Quality Christmas Trees in the Pacific Northwest

Each Christmas tree species requires special skill and specific knowledge to be grown successfully. This publication outlines how trees grow and the culturing practices necessary to develop the size, ...

Diversifying Forest Structure to Promote Wildlife Biodiversity in Western Washington Forests

To meet the ecological needs of a broad range of wildlife species in forest lands, structural diversity is needed—both in individual stands of trees and in the broader landscape.

Eastern Washington Forest Diseases: Identification and Management- Online Module

This module covers forest diseases that are common in Eastern Washington, including root diseases, foliar diseases, heart rots, parasitic plants, and introduced pathogens. The module includes informat ...

Eastern Washington Regulations and Taxes- Online module

This is a 4 part module which includes "Forest practices rules and regulations", Introduction to cultural and historical resources", Threatened and endangered species in Eastern Washington forests" an ...

Eastern Washington Tree Identification and Silvics- online module

This module provides an introduction to native trees in Eastern Washington forests. The module will guide you through identification, key features, and ecological characteristics of these species. ...

Eastern Washington Weeds in the Woods- Online Module

This module explains what invasive plants and noxious weeds are, the impacts they have on forest resources, and how Washington regulates particular noxious weeds. The module also covers some general w ...

Enhancing Reforestation Success in the Inland Northwest

Vegetation control techniques to improve conifer seedling survival and growth are described and compared for common area-specific forest competitors. Mechanical methods (such as tilling and mowing) ...