Fitzgerald, Tonie

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Gardening in the Inland Northwest

This gardening book is written expressly for Inland Northwest gardeners, with respect to climate, growing season, and soil. It is for vegetable and fruit gardeners.

Landscaping with Native Plants in the Inland Northwest

Contents include: general information about native plants and what they are, planning a naturalized landscape, landscape plan drawings, incorporating native plants into existing landscapes, providing ...

Master Gardener Manual on Flashdrive


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This full-color how-to manual on Flash drive, includes the main text for training new Master Gardener volunteers.

Gardening for Life - A Guide to Garden Adaptations for Gardeners of All Ages and Abilities

A gardening guide for senior gardeners and gardeners with disabilities. Includes design tips for gardens, adaptive tool designs, safety advice, and plant type suggestions. Also includes charts for seeding schedules and a resource guide for additional information. 94 pages, large type.