Engh, Mary

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4-H Member Manual Form Expressive Arts

Using pottery, sand casting, soap sculpture, basketry, paper mache, still life drawings to make various forms. Includes relevant vocabulary and names and addresses of specialized organizations. ...

Color: Expressive Arts

Part of a series. Explains basics of using color in arts and crafts. Activities include making candles, batik, tie-dye, patchwork, painting eggshells, watercolor, drying flowers, and preserving leaves ...

Creative You, Unit 1, Expressive Arts

This manual may be used as a resource for the Expressive Arts projects. It can help you: think of new ways to do things, understand basic art principles, understand cultural values, develop a career i ...

Expressive Arts--Shape

This manual is about two-dimensional shape--the kind of shape you could draw or paint on a surface. Illustrations. ...

Learning About Line, Unit 2, Expressive Arts

Sections include: mirror images, line collage, braided belt, seed strings, weaving activities, string art with nails, crayon sgraffito, drawing activity, how to make a design larger or smaller, letter ...

Texture, Unit 6, Expressive Arts

Projects/topics include: texture rubbings, petting zoo, papermaking, mosaics, macrame sampler, rya (ree-ah), drawing texture, and a glossary. Illustrated. ...