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Phytophthora Crown, Collar and Root Rot of Apple and Cherry

WSU Tree Fruit recommends three different strategies to controlling crown, collar, and root rots: find out more from our tree experts here. ...

Plant-parasitic Nematodes in Orchards Biology and Management in Washington

While many nematodes are beneficial to plants and animals, some are not. Learn more about the nematodes that cause damage to orchards. ...

Soil Biota in Orchards

Learn the many benefits of soil biota, and how to increase their activity in your orchard. ...

Apple Replant Disease

Apple replant disease costs growers thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Discover the symptoms, disease-causing organism, and management recommendations. ...

Tree Fruit Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition in Cropping Orchards in Central Washington

A strategy with five steps: comprehensive information on soil and plant nutrition to increase production in cropping orchards.

Soil Health in Orchards

Healthy, high-quality soil has the potential to increase the yield of your orchard: learn the nuts-and-bolts of great soil in this publication to get started.