Connolly, Jennifer R.

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Cut Flower Prices at Farmers Markets: A Bouquet Pricing Study

Farmers markets are a popular direct marketing channel for many small-scale cut flower growers in Washington state. We studied cut flower prices at six farmers markets in late summer 2012 and report t ...

Wheat and Canola Rotations in Eastern Washington Low Rainfall Regions (<12") --(Oilseed Series)

These budgets were constructed for the Washington Oilseed Cropping Systems (WOCS) project, part of the Washington state biofuels initiative.

Forage Productivity of Vegetative Filter Strips Established on Rill Irrigated Row Fields

Vegetative filter strips are planted strips of land that typically have grasses to act as a filter to catch and filter pollutants out of runoff water. Use of vegetative filter strips are considered a ...

Wheat and Canola Rotations in Eastern Washington Intermediate Rainfall Regions 12" to 16" (Oilseed Series)

This publication explains how to use a custom Excel spreadsheet to estimate the costs and returns for an enterprise involving wheat and canola grown in rotation in parts of eastern Washington.