Chalker-Scott, Linda

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Pesticide Ingredient: Horticultural Oil (Home Garden Series)

Horticultural oils are manufactured from either petroleum or vegetable oils, to be used as a pesticide on plants. Regardless of the source, these oils kill eggs, larvae, and nymphs of insects and mit ...

Potential Contaminants in Residential Rain Barrel Water (Home Garden Series)

Practical and inexpensive, rain barrels collect rooftop runoff and can extend irrigation during drier spells. But what’s in the water? This pub examines that question using the latest research.

Rubber Mulch Use in Home Gardens and Landscapes (Home Garden Series)

Learn about up-to-date scientific research on the use of recycled rubber mulches in home landscapes with a focus on human and environmental safety.

Scientific Literacy for the Citizen Scientist

Knowledge of the scientific method leads to scientifically literate citizens who can read science articles and evaluate the quality of the information presented; it allows a person to distinguish sci ...

Using Arborist Wood Chips as a Landscape Mulch (Home Garden Series)

This fact sheet covers the benefits of using arborist wood chips as mulch in the home landscape. Gardener's will learn about mulch pests and disease, and safety issues.

Using Coffee Grounds in Gardens and Landscapes (Home Garden Series)

Speculation abounds, but this pub examines the science behind the use of coffee grounds in home gardens and landscapes and provides appropriate recommendations.