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Epsom Salt Use in Home Gardens and Landscapes

Does Epsom salt help seed to germinate? Does it produce more flowers? Examine these claims and others, and find the scientifically-backed facts here.

Gypsum Use in Home Gardens and Landscapes

Does gypsum “cure” blossom end rot? Does it improve soil fertility? Common myths and the scientifically-backed facts in this publication. ...

How are hydrangea flower colors determined?

From pink to purple to blue, hydrangeas are a brilliant and striking shrub. But how is color determined, and, can you do anything about it? ...

Hugelkultur: What is it, and should it be used in home gardens?

Hügelkultur gardening has taken off in recent years, but is it worth the hype? This pub lays out where the practice came from and how to create a Hügelkultur bed, then presents the latest research.

Identifying, Treating, and Avoiding Azalea and Rhododendron Problems (EM091)

Full color photos and descriptive text will help you identify disease and insect symptoms on these popular landscape plants.

Lady Beetles: Should We Buy Them for Our Gardens? (Home Garden Series)

Hailed as the home gardeners’ go-to aphid biocontrol, catch-and-release lady beetles are often cited in popular lit. This pub explores the science behind the hype—and suggests some alternatives.