Cassey, Andrew

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A Practitioner's Guide to Testing Regional Industrial Localization

Identifying which industries are localized within a region is important for regional development and planning as analysts seek to build on the existing strengths of a community

In this publicatio ...


A Primer on Exchange Rates and Exporting

Opportunities to begin exporting or expand export operations depend on a number of factors, but one of the most important is the exchange rate. Individual business owners can do nothing to affect the ...

An Investigation into Manufacturing and Agricultural Exports to China

This manual is an introduction to the particular economic, cultural, and political environment of China, and will help decrease information barriers of potential exporters. ...

Assessing the Impact of a Labor Shortage on Post-Harvest Activities and Markets

Labor is an important part of horticultural commodities and products. Labor shortages can affect many aspects of industry, including production, distribution, and even pricing. While labor shortages a ...

California's Overseas Trade Office Closures: Lessons for Washington State

California's 2003 budget crisis allows an estimate of the impact of overseas offices on exports that has lessons for Washington's overseas offices. ...

Export Process Quick Start: Step-by-Step to Agricultural Exporting

This quick start guide provides step-by-step instructions for novices in agriculture exporting. ...