Borrelli, Kristy

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Conservation Tillage in a Winter Wheat - Fallow System, Ron Jirava (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series)

Ron Jirava’s approach to conservation tillage helps his farm to remain economically viable. Learn more in this farmer-to-farmer case study. ...

Deficit irrigation of a diverse irrigated rotation: Jake Madison (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series)

In this series, explore innovative approaches regional farmers are using that may increase their resilience in the face of a changing climate. ...

Diversifying Dryland Direct Seed Systems, Steve and Nate Riggers (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series)

Steve and Nate Riggers use an innovative approach to dryland farming systems: learn more in this publication, part of the Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study project. ...

Stripper Header and Direct Seeding: Ron and Andy Juris (Farmer to Farmer Case Study Series)

Ron and Andy Juris farm in Bickleton, Washington, in an area receiving about 8–12 inches of annual precipitation. In this publication, the Jurises discuss their use of a stripper header for conserving ...

Strip-tilled and Direct-seeded Vegetables Integrated with Cattle Grazing, Eric Williamson (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series)

Eric Williamson integrates direct seeding, strip tillage, and raising cattle into his farm near George, WA: learn more in this farmer-to-farmer case study. ...

Advances in Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest (PNW) (REACCh Handbook)

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